Our inspiration came from the fact that not a lot of children know about how the environment they created is greatly impacting the oceans. We wanted to spread more awareness on this issue. Looking back to elementary school, we noticed how we didnt know anything about pH levels and acidxification of the oceans and the impact it has on marine life.

We used the website codesters to create our project in python.

We were not able code the collision between the plastic bags and the fish. We were both beginners so we had limited information about python, this gave us a hard time during the project.

We learned that there was a lot of coding required for short tasks as well and we had to figure out how to do it using videos on how to code on the internet.

Next, as we get better at programming, we hope to be able to have the game be completely devloped. We hope to add more educational information and make the game more complex.

Built With

  • codester
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