In my school, I am currently enrolled in a chemistry class where part of the curriculum is to learn how to manually calculate the pH of an acid or a base. The tedious procedure of writing the dissociated chemical equation, then doing the ice box method, then using the quadratic equation was extremely time consuming and repetitive. Thus, I decided to make an app that would create a shortcut for the entire processes. This app is mainly targeted towards students who are also in a chemistry class and don't want to waste their time writing down all of the steps in order to get the pH value of a solution. In addition, hospitals and pharmacies can also employ the app to calculate pH of the chemicals for various drugs that rely on the concentration of hydrogen protons. The feature I am most proud of is the formula used to calculate the pH (get the end result). I had to complete several problems by hand to see what my mistakes were and I was slowly able to correct them one at a time.

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