Penang, a humble island from a country named as Malaysia. It's equipped with fascinating heritage buildings, mural paintings & arts, food and a mix of cultures and traditions from the local Penangnites. However, the tourists/customers' experience is bad as the content such as mural paintings & arts are not constantly updated. Besides, feedbacks for the improvement of Penang Streets are lacking as locals are not tech savvy here to utilise technology to gather information.

What it does

An easy to use web app which contains all local information of Penang such as location of mural paintings/arts. Users can Spark AR/Facebook Camera to interact with the AR content on a targeted location/marker. Besides, AR can pop up feedback form to prompt visitors to type feedback to be saved into database of PGCON App

How I built it

Web App is fully built with React & Semantic UI with Firebase as PaaS. Spark AR is being used to generate AR content. Adobe Mixamo is used to render 3d models with animations.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of time to complete more features for the benefits of tourists to Penang. Coronavirus causes a few delays of outdoor shootings schedule. Wish Spark AR to provide more SDK such as allowing developers to add 3D objects programatically. We have to split image marker into three filters as we are not able to change the marker programtically.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Manage to build a functional MVP with the help of Spark AR. Tweak, hack possible solution to build PGCON App

What I learned

Spark AR & how Three JS is important to be used in Immersive media ( VR & AR )

What's next for PGCON App

Connecting to Firebase datastore. Collect feedback from Spark AR (Editable Text) and proceed to save to Firebase.

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