The rise in popularity of Mukando in Zimbabwe strongly indicates that these savings clubs are quite effective for the majority of the group members. PfumaMuGaba is a secure “piggy bank” mobile application that enables group savings towards a particular similar agenda in which members can make their payments using card, Zimswitch, internal transfer or kiosk cash payments. All the added members automatically become signatories to the savings, anything towards the savings has to be acknowledged for by all members. The application can also be used for keeping track of payments made towards group savings and the dates when payment was initiated. It brings transparency on each member's payment. Loyalty points are also awarded as a way to encourage payments on time.

Problem Definition

● Mukando's biggest strength is also one of its greatest drawbacks, it relies on trust. ● Sometimes people in mukando complain about a member, who after reaching their turn to receive a lump sum pull out of the club before the turns come to full rotation. ● People claim they find it difficult to save on their own and need the pressure from other group members. ● Formal businesses fear to create services targeted at Mukando because they seem to have no structure. ● Each savings club has an objective and sets the rules for all the members. ● There are no lengthy forms to be filled in or official documents.

What it does

In cases where the Mukando is more formalised with a bank account, the signatories have been trusted not to withdraw all the money and use it outside of the group’s agreement. ● Savings clubs give you access to interest free capital at no extra cost to you. ● Users can join multiple savings groups. ● Users can pay towards savings at the comfort of their homes, using mobile app internal payment for both usd and zwl payments. ● Securing funds is auto since all the funds go straight to the bank account. ● There is a trace for all payments made. ● The app uses gamification, which encourages users to pay towards their saving and earning badges which can be redeemed later on as gifts.

How we built it

We built it 3 ways, backend api is in laravel, flutter as mobile app and reactjs as web app front end

Challenges we ran into

Payment API problems: ●Took a long time to understand how to to get a Bearer token, does it expire (encryptedKey), know where in the documentation does it mention Authorisation as header, i kept getting bad credentials. 400, s19 where some of the errors. ●The document mentions merchant ID, it would be good if we could have it on account settings or rather say something clear, i don't know what that is ●The laravel plugin uses deprecated 5.5 and we have 8.3 i had to use curl yet it would have be fast an easy with it. ●It would be nice to send payment and customer name along with other details to create a payment link, after success i didn't know how to add customer details but dashboard showed No Name on customer. ●For each paymentReference, i had to use date now, so that it had to automatically generate a unique payment ref, it would be better if we us use idempotency and idempotency keys to allow clients to pass a unique value and retry requests as needed. ● callbackUrl redirects with parameters, i failed to find where the documentation about it is.

Hackthon problems ●The development time was rather too small for a fresh idea like ours and also, where do we right about our project in-case you fail to understand our demo video. to read about ● it would be nice to have a session where we talk about judging criteria in depth and what they want to here about (problem definition, solution, budget, return on investment plan) and also do extend the refreshments to those outside the country.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

●We are a team that works together!!! ●Flutter, laravel and reactjs , api's

What we learned


What's next for Pfumamugaba

In the case we win the hackathon, we would love to fully implement our web and mobile app for the informal sector, we would also love to have banks incorporated since a user within can print out payments which can be used as proof of being able to pay for a loan, unlike using a payslip for those in informal sectors

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