All of the group members really do like penguins and know that penguins are in danger because of our human behavior. We wanted to create an App that raises the awareness about this important topic and inspires users to do something for the environment and ultimately the penguins. This led to our idea of an App that challenges the user every week to go over his or her own habits and maybe evebn improve them.

What it does

Our App challenges the user every week with a task that has some impact on the environment and the penguins like for example reducing single-use plastic. It lets the user track the progress of the challenge and at the end of the week, lets the user know whether he or she succeeded in the challenge or not. In addition, our App offers lots of facts about penguins. Ultimately, we wanted to implement a chat where a user could get notified by the Zoo of Zurich when some special events are happening. As we did not have time to implement this feature fully, we just made a prototype of how it would look like.

How we built it

Our App is built with Ionic, Angular and TypeScript. The desings and icons were drawn with the tool Gravit Designer (

Challenges we ran into

The largest challenge that we faced was to get some interesting facts and data about the penguins and present them to the user in an attractive way. Also the designing of the workflow of the App was a challenge at first.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that we've created an App that could really inspire users to do something for the environment and the penguins. We like the design of our Apps and the workflow of it. And we think that we came up with a good story about the penguins of the Zurich Zoo such that the user creates some sort of a bond with them.

What we learned

We definitely learned a lot about penguins during this challenge. Especially the dangers that they're facing nowadays out in the wild. On the technical side, some of us learned a lot about front end programming and designing.

What's next for Peyond

Peyond has only some basic features implemented so far. For the future, we would like to implement the chat function first. This would allow the Zurich Zoo to contact its users about upcoming events and keep them informed about the penguins in general. Also we could expand it with bigger challenges, that lets people contribute together for cleaning the seas for example, and earn loyalty points.

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