Pewter is a peer tutoring service targets towards high school students who want access to more local online resources. Student can sign up onto our service to find help for classes specifically held at the school they attend. There is a news feed that displays all the current, unanswered questions from only classes the specific student is enrolled in. The profile option allows the student to verify their class schedule through the file provided by the school itself.

The mobile integration allows the student to receive quick, on-the-go, assistance whenever and wherever they need. The notifications show who else has answered the student's questions, and the Activities help the student track the discussions they are concurrently participating in.

A chat interface -- through Moxtra integration -- enables students to have group discussions in the certain classes albeit AP Biology or Mythology. Each class discussion page is loosely monitored by either a class officer or a teacher to help facilitate conversation and help move discussions in the proper discussion. The multiple functionalities, all anonymous, of Pewter resonate with all the students needs that span from a public discussion on another Facebook group or forum.

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