• Did you know that 75% of crops grown for human consumption require pollination? That little Bee buzzing around your feet is crucial to modern agriculture. While not everyone can become a beekeeper. Most people can have their own little pollinator-friendly garden!

  • Petyl aimed to be an avenue for beginner and experienced gardeners to learn more about the plants they want to take care of. By providing basic gardening information and some fun facts along the way.

  • Gardens are fun! We wanted to develop a fun way to learn more about plants and get started into gardening to help raise awareness about the importance of pollinators.

  • We made this as open-source as possible for others to use and build upon. That includes not only the code, but all the data we collected, and even the ML Model!

What it does

  • The React webapp takes in a city/state search query and will return a list of plants that can be grown in the area.

  • The android mobile app has a TensorFlow Lite computer vision model onboard which will identify plants. The model will send a GET request to the API and return information about that plant back to your device (This latter part ended up being our technical challenge and not working as intended)

How we built it

  • React / Node for the website
  • MongoDB for the Database
  • Python for web scraping and data collection
  • Azure Custom Vision for the ML Model
  • Android for the mobile app (Technical challenges left this unfinished sadly :/ )

Challenges we ran into

  • Android app development provided to be a difficult hurdle. When it came to web development, Jacob and Anthony both knew different practices for React (Functional vs Class components, React Hooks, etc).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Everything! This project was an amazing learning experience and even if technical challenges prevented us from having the exact final demo we wanted, it was still awesome to build something.

What we learned

  • Gardening! (USDA Plant Hardiness Zones are pretty cool)
  • React
  • Azure
  • Android

What's next for Petyl

  • Expand the database! Clean, collect and curate more plant data. Add additional information for more experienced gardeners, and give basic instructions for planting.

  • Add more to the site! A glossary of terms for beginners would be very nice.

  • Get the android app up and running.

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