Our motivation for participating into this hackathon comes from a desire to develop an app that could benefit to a large amount of people. If citylife can be vibrant, it also has some downsides. Among them, the lack of exercising habit among people. Noticing the huge potential of AR to keep people motivated and inspired by the popularity of AR games such as PokemonGo, the idea of ISitsUWalk thus emerged.

What it does

Our android app, ISitsUWalk, reconciles users with walking thanks to technology. The more people walk, the more coins they earn, enabling them to adopt and interact with amazing AR pets! Users can display and interact with their pets in augmented reality using their own smartphone camera. Three pets are available: cats, bunnies and bears.

How we built it

We built it using Unity with vuforia and a plugin for a native android pedometer.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges, One major issue was an asset in Unity that did not allow us to update our github repository. The majority of our team was completely new to Unity and C#.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Delivering a fully operational AR app and discovering C#/Unity for the first time is a great reward for the work we’ve done.

What we have learned

On the technical side, we learned how to program with unity, and produce a game within 24 hours. On the people side, we learned how to make the best out of people different interests and skills, and not being afraid to go out of our comfort zone. It is always worth trying. Being surrounded by women, and always looking for excellence was also a strong value that was shared and reinforced here. Finally, we learned the benefits and downsides of too much coffee!

What's next for ISitsUWalk

Several paths of improvements are: The security of the data using serialization The size of the available collection of pets The user interactions: Enable the user to customize his pets Feed the pets Taking pictures of the AR pet and sharing them on social media alongside the walking results Tracking the health data, to enable the user to see his progression concerning exercise.

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