Please consult the README.md in the root of petsfurpeople-client for more information on the client side of the application.


The main purpose of this application (petsfurpeople-apollo) is to demonstrate completely decoupled backend capabilities provided by Apollo.


With the PetsFurPeople organization already using a completed site, it was a challenge to introduce an application that provided the features that were sought after. This application introduces the idea an entirely new backend system for the organizations site. However, because of the flexibility introduced by Apollo, we are able to preserve preexisting databases used by the organization while also introducing new databases and capabilities for additional functionality. Because of the nature of the event, databases were not implemented as part of the project and such couldn't be presented. If you would like more information on how flexible data systems are to be implemented please ask here: pannell.wesley@gmail.com

Features lightly demonstrated are:

  1. The ability to create and manage entries for new pets in the system
  2. The ability to create and manage entries for new events
  3. The ability to view donators and easily send emails by clicking directly from the admin panel

Due to the nature of the competition the previous features are not entirely functional, but represent an ability to produce similar features that may already be present on the preexisting site, demonstrating that an entire platform migration is entirely possible and can be seamless.

Additional features that are now possible due to the introduction of the new platform are as follows:

  1. The ability to attach social media messages and posts based on changes to pets (example: an admin enters a new pet into the database, we can now fire off social media events such as: "We've added a new member to our family! Help us find as new home! !")
  2. Pet status monitoring: mass email distribution to subscribers of pet updates (example: John sees a pet that he is interested in and chooses to subscribe to emails about the pet. We will now, under the new platform, be able to mass send emails to all subscribers of any pet when that pets information is updated)
  3. Automated emails can now be sent out when donations are made
  4. Subscribers to PetsFurPeople event updates can also receive emails when events are created / updated on the admin panel

Client Server


Please consult README.md in petsfurpeople-apollo for more information regarding the features of the new backend platform.


The purpose of this project is to introduce an entire frontend framework on which to build a new PetsFurPeople site. This new site is built using the newly introduced backend and is capable of deliver ALL of the expected functionality and in a much more visually apealing manner than what is currently in place.


Due to the nature of the event, the information from the prexisting site has not been recreated yet; however, it is entirely possible. This project, however, does demonstrate some of the newly introduced features such as an events list and admin areas.

More features that are planned and couldn't be deomonstrated are:

  1. A newly designed pet area (however, it is similar to the one on the pets section of the admin panel)
  2. Subscriptions to pet statuses

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