PetsForFree was designed to stop the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of shelter animals across the United States.

The Problem

Every year 2 million cats and dogs are killed in shelters because they cannot find a home. Each one of these deaths is preventable as pet seekers are often unable to find a nearby pet to adopt. Most technological solutions have long applications and don't have easy access to the location and types of pets nearby.

The Solution

PetsForFree is a mobile application that leverages advancements in image recognition to help all 3 of the stakeholders in the pet adoption market.

  1. Shelters - Making a catalogue of pets at a shelter is one of the most paining jobs at pet shelters. PetsForFree expedites that process by filling out the listing form for the shelter employee automatically. All the employee needs to do is take a picture of the dog or cat and we use image recognition to identify its breed and fill out the listing form.

  2. Pet Adopters - Pet Adopters have easy access to listings of rescue and sheltered animals nearby their home. There is no need to fill out a multipage application to view listings like many market solutions and the ease of submission for shelters means there will be a larger pet selection on the app.

  3. Foster Adopters - There is no solution that caters to people interested in adopting a pet but who are unable to keep it for its lifetime. PetsForFree caters to short term adopters by allowing them to adopt for a short time and frictionlessly relist their pet. UberDeliveries integration will make it trivial to move pets between foster parents.

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