The bombastic boom in Petr drop culture made us pursue this goal.

What it does

With PetrTradr, look no farther for all of our Petr needs. Built with two easily navigable pages, Petr trades offers a cohesive and painless way to track Petrs new and old. Collect your next treasured sticker with the Announcements page, updated with the latest Petr locations and dates. Aim your sight on an Petr of the past with the Listing page, where you're able to exchange your Petr for others. Post your own drop and forms with the click of a button, and enjoy your Petr chasing dreams!

How we built it

Our teams were split into two sub teams, each of which were focused on tackling either the front or backend of the project. After the implementation of the database, we were able to link the ends together with the aid of our mentor to allow for a functioning site.

Challenges we ran into

Development was a rough ride through front end, bad end, middle end, and life. Several issues spanning from figuring out JS to simply getting the website to compile were encountered. With the power of the almighty Petr, we were able to overcome these hardships.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team was previously generally inexperienced with front and back end web development. Through the course of this project, we were able to learn a lot and walk out with slightly more knowledge.

What we learned

A lot but clearly not enough </3

What's next for PetrTradr

In the future PetrTradr would hope to expand its platform to accommodate for locations and real time countdowns. Links to the official Instagram accounts would also be implemented to offer fast updates on the latest drops. User verification and the ability to archive posts can also be considered.

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