Introductory video:

Some points about the prototype game:

  • More than 1 player needed!
  • Game restarts every 5 minutes


We liked the idea of organic growth in games like space invaders and wanted to create a programme that used this kind of basis. The idea for a game based around viruses and bacteria also stemmed from the organic feel.

What it does

Petricide is a online, multiplayer realtime game where you play as a virus fighting for survival. 5 players can play at one time and each is assigned a colour territory. The idea is that the user defends their own territory against other players whilst expanding and dominating the petri dish arena.

Challenges we ran into

Everything. Especially the fact Napolita pizza wouldn’t deliver on a Saturday night.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We built a meteor programme in 12 hours (11 if you don’t include the pizza break.) A fully functional 8 bit style game.

What we’ve learned

That multiplayer synchronisty is very very difficult with huge data structures.

What’s next for Petricide

Different rooms for more players, teams with shared click actions and spawn actions, leaderboards where score is based on combined cell strength

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