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According to a 2017-18 survey, 68 percent—or 85 million American families—own a pet, up from 56 percent three decades ago. There are so many benefits of having a pet or animal in general. It's easy to see why so many people welcome pups into their families. For example, dogs are loyal and loving animals that help their pet parents get exercise, improve socialization, and even boost their moods. We often hear people say, "Wow, my pet changed my life," so we wanted to create a platform for people to share their feelings and also read other's stories.

What it does

The project that we have made is called Petrature and it is a place where people with all sorts of animals can come and share their experience. A lot of people are reluctant to take the step and take care of an animal but reading how adopting an animal changed other people's lives can be a great encouragement for such people to adopt one as well.

How we built it⚙️

The front-end is made in React.js using functional React components and React Router Dom. The backend uses node js and mongo DB.

Challenges we ran into

We faced so many challenges. One of them is that we wanted to enable an API to geolocate some pet shelters using the user's location and we couldn't do it because of time. As we had different coding knowledge, working and choosing a framework that all of us can do was a little bit hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to finish the project on time while getting enough sleep and rest times. Moreover, we learned a lot about new web technologies and libraries that we could incorporate into our project to meet our unique needs. Last but not least we were able to meet new people from different continents. Learning and working with each other was an absolute blast.

What we learned

We learned quite a lot of things by participating in the hackathon. Since it was the first hackathon of a lot of our teammates and belonging to different time zones we really learned how one can communicate with people from different time zones and create something powerful with that. Along with that deploying the app to the web and using git was also quite challenging since most of us do learn git but since we work on projects on our own it is a bit different to actually use version control with a team.

What's next for Petrature

As we mentioned earlier, there are more than 85 million people in the US alone who own a pet and we want all these people to share their stories with the world using our platform. We just really want this project to create a real positive impact. Our next plan is to maximize our scale so that we can reach millions of people around the world. We also want to add chat functionality so that users can interact with each other. Finally, we hope that one day this project can be widely used globally and impact some lives positively.

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