PETMON is, in many ways, an inevitable extension of the growing “Internet of Things” or "IoT", a term nowadays commonly used to describe an increasing digital connectivity through which everyday items—and now pets—can be accessed, monitored, and even controlled via the Internet.

PETMON can notify owners of their pet's physical activity, location, environmental information and basic health stats. With so much information in the owner's hands, the owner can now not only keep track of their pet's whereabouts but also keep a watch on the step count, pulse rate, body and environmental temperature and most importantly set up GPS boundaries.

There are likely people who see the transition from “flap of fabric” to “high-tech gizmo” around our pets’ necks as a step in the wrong (or at least, an fairly pointless) direction. But, as the various facets of our lives—home, work, and play—all become increasingly, digitally interconnected, services like these all provide ways to integrate our pets into this new paradigm. And for pet owners looking to maximize their ability to better understand, and better care for their pets, “smart” accessories like these may just go a long way toward making a good dog, great.


  1. Track & manage your pet's health, activity & safety on the go via Mobile/Web
  2. Acquire Activity based data via Location Tracker and Activity Monitor
  3. Keep a watch on your pet’s health even if you're far away via Pulse and Temperature Monitor
  4. Schedule an appointment with nearby Vet if things seem wrong.
  5. Put a virtual leash on your pet and get notified when they breach their boundaries.
  6. Color Changing Collar for passerby's to easily identify astray pet.
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