Where do we learn about personal finance? Some people will have their cash stored in a bank and collect less than 1% interest, worse, some keep it under their bed. If they put the same amount of money in cryptocurrency like Litecoin, the same investment could double, or even triple over the course of a year. To create more awareness around cryptocurrency, our group decided to create a website that would allow pet owners to virtually try on clothes and accessories for their pet, while introducing them to Litecoin and cryptocurrency. With exposure to LTC, it would encourage customers to explore cryptocurrency and learn more about it. It would also give the merchants an opportunity to accept Litecoin, which could potentially boost their profits.

There has been a 300% increase in almost every cryptocurrency out there annually and it's something not many are aware of but in this fun way, they will not only be getting involved in something which can help them in life but also they will have fun doing this.

Cryptocurrency is a way to empower people

The graphs show the increase as a learner and enthusiast of finance I have seen and observed over a span of the last year.


What it does

Crypto meets Fifi and Fido. What if you could spend time with Fifi and Fido and learn about crypto at the same time? With Covid social distancing measures in place, pet owners have the opportunity to "try on" their favorite accessories without having to visit a store, while showing the price of the items in both US Dollars ($) and Litecoin (LTC).

The PetLite app allows customers to "bling on" accessories on their fur baby, while creating a memorable and touchless experience for users to buy accessories and learn about cryptocurrency.

How we built it

We used echoAR to generate the QR codes for the items, while scraping data from the web to find current Litecoin prices. Figma was used to create our prototype, showing the website and the user experience. Credit to Chewy for their animal products and pictures.

Challenges we ran into

As we worked on our project, as exciting as it was, we encountered some challenges especially when it came to learning a new skill. Some of the challenges we faced are :

Rendering an image into a hologram: Half of our team was new to hackathons and only one of us knew echoAR. echoAR was a bit of a learning curve, as we had to figure out how to render an image into a hologram, and then anchor it. We worked together in figuring out how to render the image and the experience was filled with mixed feelings. The good thing is, we did not give up and accomplished our goal to some extent as some of the images came out as 3D.

Integrating python into figma: Using figma to create our design, we found it hard to export the code of the design to HTML and CSS for us to integrate python into it. The python code converts USD to Litecoin and that makes shoppers aware of the trends and encourages them to invest their money (not keep it under their pillows). A live demonstration of it working can be found above. Only one of the members knew Figma but hadn’t ever made a project with it before and due to different time zones, some of us had to use it for other purposes as well.

We also faced quite a challenge with time, as we had only come together as a team with around 17 hours left to the Hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our awesome teamwork: In a short time, we formed a team, came up with an idea, built our first prototypes and learnt how to use EchoAR. Our skills span across different areas from knowledge in Figma to python to knowledge in HTML and CSS as well as knowledge in echoAR. We worked together to make something beautiful we believe people need to know more about and to give shopping for pets an edge especially now when Covid-19 prevents us from going out too much and trying things as frequently as we want to. In such a short time, we are proud that we built our prototype and learned how to use EchoAR. Also with the help of mentors we're able to use Figma very nicely as well. It was definitely an amazing time working together!

What we learned

Having a good mentor changes things, our mentor Anita was very helpful in providing us with guidance, and insight when we needed help. Reaching out to other mentors in specific fields also helped us get some help in fixing the program. Thanks to Sanchi Bansal, Cat, Rakshaa, Pulkit Singh and Lina as well. We learned how to use echoAR, Figma and web scrape using python. Especially with the help of mentors we learned more about Figma, how to use it when we encountered problems. We learned how to use our limited skills and work our way up to finishing the prototype.

What's next for PetLite

It would be ideal to buy with other crypto coins. Integrating python code for money conversion from different currencies into Litecoin and work on the finished prototype and have a fully functional website and possibly a mobile app. We would also want to include other pet items that could be bought to expand our store and educate more people on cryptocurrency.

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