What it does

Petfy is a Full Stack NodeJS application which helps to solve the problem of abandoned and stray pets, connecting them with local owners who are looking to buy one or adopt one.

The User has an option to Sign up on the website, add a pet up for adoption with the information and the images of the pet , contact the owners of the pet through a discussion board , check the price of the pet , comment on the pets.

How we Built it

We built it using NodeJS , Express and MongoDB stack, We are using heroku as a cloud service , Dot tech as a domain, Mlab as our mongodb database , EJS as a template engine and lots and lots of html , css and bootstrap for designing

Challenges we ran into

We were not able to understand the working of mongodb schemas at first and had a time figuring it also the configurations on heroku took a lot of our time. We were also stuck with a stupid mongodb error which costed us some more time. We also tried to connect type form to our project but since our projects database was on mlab we couldn't connect it as it just allowed support for

What we learned

We learned more about Nodejs, mongodb and deploying applications on the cloud also about working in a team and getting results together

## Sponsor challenges we did

We did the thought works challenge of working on solving a social problem through technology

We also did the dot tech challenge (

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