I would say the PeterBot project came from my common interest in artificial intelligence, but it was really hard at first to find a place for a bot in everyday life.

Although Facebook, Slack and Telegram started to bring closer to people these simple applications called bots – especially since the F8 event in April — but I wanted something more than an other app which lets you order a pizza, so I started to think about how I can take this opportunity to the best use in my work, particularly in pitching for jobs.

The future can be really versatile in terms of using these bots, but it seems that online customer service, community management and several online-based jobs can be successfully replaced with structured conversations. One of the greatest challenges now is actually finding these bots, although I’m happy that there are some initiatives on this, like the Botlist, or Botwiki communities.

In case of my bot, I would say that bots like PeterBot are really useful assets as a CV during the application, because it’s also beneficial from the employers’ side who can quickly and conveniently chat through the basic information about the possible participant and a great talk about the bot can break the ice at any time.

At last but not least, I have received very good feedbacks in relation to the conversations, so it seems that trying to design well the user experience can pay off.

If you haven’t tried my bot yet, you should do it right away! If you want to create your own bot I can recommend you numerous resources, and also don’t be shy to tweet me if you have a question or recommendation.

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