Peter.Parker is a custom Parking Meter / Facility locator application for the city of Pasadena. This application provides several key features that users wish they had when parking in Pasadena. You can now pay your meter remotely and find out how much time it'll take to walk to your destination from your parking spot. This time will then be calculated with a few minutes of padding to determine the notification start time when your meter timer clocks down. You want to have ample time to reach your parking spot before the meter runs out. Peter will notify you through an audible warning and your timer will turn red when the notification start time is met. Be safe and be kind to your wallet. It's expensive to get a parking violation in Pasadena. Ouch! Are you looking for open or covered lots? Peter.Parker can assist you by cross referencing your current location to open/covered lots near you. If you receive a ticket or your car was towed, it's sometimes difficult to find out where you can pay your ticket or locate the tow lot that your car was transferred to. Peter.Parker can assist you by providing all of this added information.

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