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The impact of covid pandemic on the life of people is known to everyone. The struggles are known to everyone and numerous technology innovations came to light during this period to aid the humans. One of the category of people affected are Pet owners and their pets. Unable to visit Vet for medical needs, created a negative life experience for people since they care about their pets. Inadequate grooming services and other pet services were inaccesible in the locality.

What it does

The proposed solution is addressing the pet owners. Pet owners were unable to bring their pets to vet or go for grooming. In my solution, what I am trying to build is an inegrated petcare solution for medical and non medical needs of Pets. Teleconsulation can be booked with Vets. Online appointment can be made for other services like, grooming, walking pets etc. All these can be done in a single platform. There is a login and profile page for pet owners where they can update the details about their locality, their pets A service providers listing page is provided with filters to find the type of service provider, location, time of service etc. Online appointments can be booked and if it is a teleconulation, meeting link is provided in the the appointments listing page. Online payment can also be done after the appointment.

How we built it

The technology that I have identified to use are React for frontend, Nodejs for backend, Netlify to deploy the application. Need to identify a proper database. The system contains data of Pet owners, theri pets, Medical service providers, non medical service providers, Appointments, online payment facility.

  • Used Agora UI for Teleconsultation if the appointment is in a future date
  • Used Fleek for deploying the application ot internet computert

Fleek brings decentralized web-hosting to the Internet Computer. When you first build a site on the Internet Computer (IC) through Fleek (on the site's first deployment), Fleek will create a new canister on the Internet Computer for you, with the website's content/code/files in it. This is done via the DFINITY SDK (view documentation), as Fleek interacts directly with the networks' native APIs.

What's next for Pettamo

Online payment integration

Built With

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