We wanted to create a global map that also corresponds to a weather phenomenon on that specific geo-location.

What it does

Our platform enables research scientists to build geo-spatial images that reacts to chainlink weather oracles

How we built it

We used react for our front end, chainlink weather oracle, filecoin, and firebase for back end. We also used Covalent for this project.

Challenges we ran into

We had some challenges with connecting with the chainlink weather API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Created an MVP where we were able to upload images, mint in the Kovan Testnet, and display these Dynamic Geo-Spatial NFTs.

What we learned

Technical: We strengthened our understanding with React and our understanding with using chainlink oracles

Soft skills: We also leaned to work in a fast paced environment where diversity is key. We have a team of Blockchain Developer, UX/UI Designer, GeoSpatial Specialist, Front End and Project Management. This allowed us to be more emphatic and trust the expertise of each other.

What's next for Spatial

  1. The next steps are fully automated the pipeline from uploading images, minting and displaying the Dynamic Geo-Spatial NFTs.

  2. We also want to create a marketplace for these Dynamic Geo Spatial NFTs

  3. We will also talk with Geo-Spatial researchers or those in working in NASA interested with integrating blockchain in their imaging of distant planets.

  4. We also hope to dicuss funding opportunities including grants.

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