The inspiration for Petals stemmed from the growing need for patient adherence assistance amid the pandemic, where uncertainty in routine health habits greatly impacts our most vulnerable populations. We wanted to create a healthcare specific communication application which congregates relevant and useful information while streamlining the communication channel between patients and their healthcare providers.

What it does

Our app promotes patient adherence and offers a unique opportunity for healthcare providers to provide quality care. It allows doctors and patients to communicate in a novel way, as the app allows healthcare providers to assign tasks (ex. Physiotherapy stretches) and patients to submit their proof of completion of each task. Additional functionalities are offered such as clinic locating, calendar scheduling and more.

How we built it

We used javascript and React-native to program our mobile app. Our design process began with Figma diagrams, which helped us envision how we wanted the app to look. We then constructed all of the screens on React-native and viewed our designs via Android Studio emulator. Finally, we implemented functional details such as navigation and button onPress actions in order to complete our app. We worked with Firebase to store all of our app’s user information.

Challenges we ran into

Our team had varying levels of experience with react-native and javascript, including members who didn’t have any prior experience at all. It was quite challenging to learn from scratch under such a short amount of time. Furthermore, there were some challenges with installing our software and getting the working environment set up. During app construction, there were challenges with some of the functionality implementation. Debugging was also very challenging at times when we weren’t sure why the app wasn’t fully behaving as intended.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of ourselves for building a functioning and practical app in such a short amount of time! Great job everybody!

What we learned

All of our team members learned new things about react-native, and those of us working with Firebase also learned new things in that regard.

What's next for Petals

We will make more cool apps together, and try to develop a cure for COVID-19 using a combination of C++ and C#.

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