I love Pets. That's why I made this Pets fighting game. Not inspired, Its my own creativity.

What it does

Basically it's a multiplayer P2E Pets fighting game on BSC-TRON . It have lot of cute Pets which a player can select to play with. User can earn Tron by playing this game. Players have to pay for entrance fees to participate in the arena and the last standing player will get the Pool Prize. There are three game modes.

  • Training Mode (For Practice)
  • Online Free Mode (Play for fun with others)
  • Dollars Arena Mode (Online Play With Real Money)

To buy the new Pets the user will have to buy the NFT (from the In-Game Shop) and then users can play with that Pet OR you can choose from the free Pets In the Characters Gallery.

NFT-Based Shop

In the game, We have shop in which player can buy new Pets to play with. These Pets in the shop is actually NFT's, when a user buy the Pet in the shop using Tron, the NFT of that pet is transferred to the user's Metamask and the user can play with that Pet. In Future, We will add Special powers to the Pets on the base of which the price of the NFT's will be determined. We will introduce the In-game NFT marketplace so that the users can Buy and Sell their characters for profit.

How To Play

  • Use WASD Keys to move the player.
  • When moving press Space Button to move faster for a short time.
  • The bar on the player indicates the health of the player.
  • The text at the top tells about the zone. You have to stay inside white zone and avoid red zone. Stay inside the zone to keep alive.
  • If you get killed you will get nothing. You have to stay alive to get the reward.
  • You have to hit the opponent's back or sides to decrease health. If you will hit opponent's Face, opponent's health will not be decreased.
  • The opponent's reward will also show at his top. If you kill your enemy you will get his reward too.
  • Pick Power Orbs to enhance character's abilities.
    • Health Orb (Pick the orb to refill the Health by 50%)
    • Damage Orb (Pick the orb to increase the Damage By 2x )
    • Speed Orb (Pick the orb to increase the Speed)
  • If you kill Opponent You will get some Extra Health.

Economical Model

The economical modal for the game is quite strong. The main profit streams will be

  • The 20% cut from the winners prize
  • The 5% Withdrawal Fee
  • Revenue from the In-game shop
  • 5% cut from Buying and selling of NFT's (In future Update)

How we built it

After a lot of hard work, I succeed in making this amazing game. There was a problem in the multiplayer functionality but I worked about 16 hours straight to solve that issue.

The main software used in making this game is Unity and scripts are written in C# Language.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges I faced in making this game is that there are some features in this game which are very difficult to add and there are no tutorial present on internet. I am a beginner in game development. I am pretty sure that this game will eventually come to real world in the near future. I really proud of what we achieve so far!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Multiplayer and NFT System that I added is really a great accomplishment that I'm proud of. I gave too much my time to add these features. I feel proud because I have created WebGL game with blockchain integration.

What we learned

I learned a lot a things from this project . Lovely Project, I love this game personally. In this project, I learned the main concepts of blockchain and solidity and how it work with a game. The interaction between blockchain and game is one of the biggest thing I learned. I also learned some new things in multiplayer functionality.

What's next for Pet vs Pets

I am planning to add Feeding system (in which Players will have to feed the Pets), Breeding system (in which we can breed animals to get a new animal and that can be sold in the incoming NFT marketplace) and ageing system (in which the animal will get aged with time). The one more thing is wearables and costumes.

We will add more features in near future like

  • New Maps and Environments
  • More Powers Orbs
  • More New Items in the Shop
  • Special Ability to each Pet
  • Some Projectile Attacks For Each Character
  • New Game Modes
  • NFT Marketplace
  • More Characters/Pets
  • Staking/Reward System
  • Pet Breading System

I love this Game because its very Scalable.

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