Meet Jack. Jack works at an office 9 hours a day; he commutes for 2 hours every day, and his cat waiting for him at home… it’s not cool!

This app keeps your pet entertained and exercising while you are not there.

How it works

Randomly generate some activity during day-time hours, that will have your cat or dog try to catch a moving object. The moving object is hanging at the end of a bouncing material controlled by a servo.

Challenges I ran into

Installing and discovering Tessel, Node.js and JavaScript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working prototype is available!

What I learned

More work needs to be done to make it an open-source product.

What's next for Pet Nanny

Add a camera:

  • Send real-time images to the pet's owner and family
  • Detect pet’s mood and adapt the exercise

Add ambient light detection:

  • Only work during the day
  • Add audio

Listen to remote noises:

  • Talk to the pet


  • Detect which pet is nearby and adapt the exercise

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