Pet Info is a simple app for owners who love their pets, want to keep information about them, and want to share their pets with other people.

Pet Info allows you to add, edit, and delete information about pets that you may have and is written to be very flexible so it is usable with more than just cats and dogs and is usable globally.

Pet Info can be used with, or without, Evernote. When Evernote is enabled, a note will be created in a notebook the app creates. The note will be added, edited, deleted, or shared when the appropriate in-app action is taken.

Additionally, pet information that is stored on Evernote can be shared with other people through Twitter or E-mail.

Pet Info is designed to work on iPhone or iPad using iOS 5.1 or greater.

For a chance to test Pet Info for yourself, click our URL above and apply to be a beta tester!

We can't accept everyone but we will accept a lucky few! Good luck!

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