Since the beginning of the pandemic, social isolation has been a problem for many people. To tackle this, a lot of people decided that it was time for a change and found the most joyful way to fight loneliness: they got dogs. Having these loyal creatures, full of love and energy, always ready to play with you, give you kisses, and bring you their favorite toys, has made quarantine a lot more bearable for many.

However, we know that with great fun comes great responsibility. Dogs need to have playdates and socialize, need to be groomed, and go to regular checkups with their vets, sometimes they need special training for different environments, and, umm, we will eventually need to find partners for them :)

That's how we came up with the idea for Coregous ("corgi" + "gorgeous"), a mobile app that provides a centralized experience for anything and everything dog-related, with a focus on matching dogs for playdates and mating.

What it does

Using the application, a user can create an account and register as many dogs as they have. For each dog, they can add the dog’s picture, name, breed, sex, age, bio and they can select whether they are looking for a playdate partner or a mate.

After logging in to the application, a user can see other dog profiles which have been recommended by compatibility and proximity. Based on this, the user can decide if the dog is a good match or not and swipe left/right accordingly. After matching with a dog, we have a chat feature where you can contact the owner and set the time/date/place for a meeting.

The application also has a calendar feature where you can track all your upcoming playdates, dog training session dates, grooming appointments, and more.

Additionally, a user can use our Dog Map feature, where they can find the closest dog parks, dog trainers, vet clinics, pet stores, and all the dogs they got matched with!

Challenges we ran into

We believe that the most challenging part was the amount of time we had. As we started coding, we wanted to add more and more features but unfortunately, because of the lack of time, we had to limit the scope of the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Hmm, we would probably say our design and branding. Since we both have much more experience with backend and data, we usually don’t get a chance to work on designing UIs and frontend. We are super proud that, during this short time, we learned React Native from the ground up and created a fully functional application!

What we learned

We primarily learned React Native, including how it works, the various component libraries available online, the process of debugging, and testing our application on various platforms. We also had to learn to make decisions quickly so we don’t waste a second of this short time!

What's next for Corgeous

We believe there are many features that we can add to our application to add functionality for the user and make the experience even easier:

  • We can track the dates and the amount of dog food the user purchases and then notify them when it’s time to stock up! Of course, we’ll give them the closest pet store locations too! : )
  • As for the algorithm side, we believe that the friend of my friend is my friend : ) So we want to keep track of all the successful playdates and if let’s say Marley and Max had so much fun playing with each other and Max and Bailey are basically each other’s Chandler and Joey, we are gonna suggest a meeting of Marley and Bailey!
  • We also think that Corgeous will be a perfect platform for small local dog-related business owners to advertise their product/service.
  • We also think about adding a tips section to educate and help beginner dog owners.
  • But most importantly, we are going to try to keep our application Corgeous : )

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