Inspiration: With the coronavirus, so many people are bored at home. I wanted to make something that makes it easier for people to access to content they need (especially for pets)

What it does: It accesses the Unsplash API for images, Google Web for link, and YouTube for videos. You can search up content for cat, dogs, rabbits, or anything else.

How I built it: I used React and Redux

Challenges I ran into: I started learning these programming languages a week ago, so

I was still confused with the syntax. However I learned a lot more, in regards to the languages

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I learned how to use multiple APIs

What I learned: This was my first hack-a-thon and I started learning React and Redux under 1 week ago. So, I

What's next for Pet Content to make people happy: A description at the top and able to load more than 5 results from each API.

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