Inspiration: Experience and our need to share it with friends is strong. Internet availability should be a barrier.

What it does: Offers a lightweight Facebook experience even with no Internet. A device, example a Raspberry Pi, provides LAN and access to a the WebApp Peso Pluma. Every device in range of the Wifi can login and share posts and comments.

How I built it: This webApp was built using Struts2, Maven, Tomcat8. It's hosted in a AWS EC2 to emulate the device.

Challenges I ran into: Facebook permissions to post impersonating a user are hard to get.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I was able to create a functional application concept in less than a month using latest technologies and the result is pretty good.

What I learned: I learned how FB API is used and how good it is for developers.

What's next for PesoPluma: Going to Production and start providing for free the software to be installed in any device.

(Devpost didn't allow me to put my AWS URL in the "Try it out" section)


FOR the testing of the webApp you need to use the TestUser that FB provided me. This is because the app is still in DEVELOPMENT. Here is the User and Password for it:

email: pass: testUser1

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