Peruse with Spritz

Made with simplicity in mind to efficiently read with Spritz.


The one with OCR capabilities is not on the play store, it doesn't work well enough.


  • Users can share e-pubs from the FS to the app.
  • Users can share text to the app
  • Users can share web pages to the app
  • It provides a text fragment in which the user can paste or type text to spritz.
  • Anything that is spritzed is saved to the phone's local database in the "recent" perusals list
  • Perusals can be removed
  • Perusals can be renamed
  • Perusals' text can NOT be edited
  • OCR could be better ( Improve filtering or perform isbn scanning instead, to find a digital copy )

Note about saving the Perusals:

The title of the perusals is limited to the first three words of the text. If the Spritzing was done on a URL then the text is not saved, rather, only the url is saved. In that case, the title is set to the part after the web protocol "http://" stuff in the url. (Maybe the app should just save the text and not the URL to prevent multiple spritz web scrapes?)

Known Issues:

  • URL Link sharing opens the spritz fragment (through the 'peruse controller' aka edittext fragment) and the url is saved in a recent perusal item, but Spritz fails to load and "spritz" the url.. The current user workaround is to go to the recent perusals list and select the url just shared/added. then it works flawlessly.
  • Main activity: Choosing intent assumes "/" intent type is for e-pubs, should just be "application/epub+zip". On phone and simulator, sharing/sending epub from filesystem with the app created an intent with type "/". unexpected..
  • E-Pub UI is plain. ( Buttons or no buttons? Swipey views! )
  • Text from an e-pub "page" is saved to recent list when Spritzed. Subject to change.
  • Canceling during ocr causes app to crash..


  • Wearable Spritz Views. If wearable is present, send text data to the watch instead on "Spritz"
  • Implement Spritz view subclass that ties in with the wearable 'fragments' ( to create views while computing the tings )
  • Feature to change font type for reading purposes
  • seperate text catagories: text, url, epub, images
  • Share URL to epub
  • Fix issues

Long Term

  • Figure out a way to easily access the book based on isbn number
  • Perusal Sharing
  • PDF support?

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