Both of us are in the debate team in our high school and it curated an interest in politics from a very early start. As were were following the 2016 elections in freshman year, we were saddened to see how politics hadn't become a debate of ideas, but rather, a competition of who can create the most professional-sounding insults. We want to change that. Both of us have taken Philosophy and European History at our school, and it really prompted us to have debates that were meaningful. We want to bring that to the world again. The coffee-houses of the Enlightenment are the reason that we live in such a great world today and we'd like to bring it back. So we decided to make an app that shows the different perspectives of any issues.

What it does

The app allows you to look up any issue, person, or controversial landmark/place and displays what we like to call a "twitter-feeler." It shows the general reactions of the public towards something. The point of this is to incite people to understand what real problems are and do something about it. When you see poverty in America, we want you to discuss whether a universal basic income is better or creating more subsidies for business. We allow you to analyze trends in Twitter; big data.

How we built it

We used Android Studio in combination with a myriad of APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Combing all the APIs together and creating a sleek, modern look was very challenging. We struggled all through the night because the APIs weren't agreeing with each other. At one point, the IBM Watson API servers were down and didn't allow us to start testing our app. More importantly, the sleep deprivation killed us! :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To be honest, we're quite surprised that this app worked at all. Big data is complicated and making it work with neural networks seems like something that comes out of a movie!

What we learned

This was our first foray into machine learning, a topic which we consider to be very challenging. The skills that we learned in the last 24 hours will be applicable everywhere. The possibilities were literally exploding in our mind yesterday as we were coding our app.

What's next for Perspectives

We'd like to take this to our debate team actually; where this idea all started. One of the biggest problems with our team is research; we're always lacking in it before a tournament. This app uses neural networks and can think a thousand times faster than a human. With more and more development, we might be able to see the researching position almost fully eliminated and our debate prep better than ever!

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