Any time my family gets together... the story of broken arms, sleepwalking over thanksgiving at grandma's in '96, mom driving the beamer into a pond, etc. get retold… and each time someone is interrupted with waves of “no, that’s not what happened” and other corrections.

Through these amazing, emotion-filled family events, I’ve learned that one moment, experienced by many, can produce multiple versions of the story— each valid, real, and valuable in their own way. I realized that listening to each perspective told firsthand made the overall story even more enjoyable.

I thought it would be great to capture a single moment from everyone’s perspective.

What it does

Perspectives is a grandparent-friendly mobile app that enables collaborative storytelling without interruptions.

How we built it

Perspectives is built in Swift and relies heavily on CoreData and CloudKit.

What's next for Perspectives

Perspectives has reached its alpha completion stage and additional work is under way on collaborative features, integration, and UI updates.

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