P.M. More than Work.

Perspective Management (P.M.) is more than work. It’s a work-performance-coaching system and app for SMEs on the Salesforce Platform, to get employees reach full potential at work.

We deliver a new and unique philosophy of life, business, management, along with the an app and an adaptive user interface.

P.M. helps employers get their people more engaged and self-empowered, setting and tracking they rewards according to their work value, quality and responsibility.

Managers can evaluate in real time each level of their business, structure company standards, activities, knowledge and workflow based on a unique framework with 12 levels disposed on 3 stages.

P.M. aims to enrich companies from inside out and focuses on employee’s personal & professional development, resulting in your company’s growth and auto-management. The system converges the 4 key-perspectives involved in any business: ownership, management, employees and customers.

P.M. stimulates employees in discovering and follow their passions, skills and goals and integrates them in their professional evolution. While classical management is mostly interested in work, P,M. is more than work: it increases work value, quality, efficiency and productivity.

The app has an auto-system approach, helps employees pick and assume their role in the company, track, evolve in a special dynamic and flexible organizational architecture, from base to management

The APP has also an innovative AIM (adaptive interface for mobiles) design, created to empower users with one touch control point, easily obtaining access to comparative or separate views of app sections,

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