For every argument, there's a counter-argument.

As consumers of the web, and in our daily lives, we rarely see more than one side of any given story.

Bubbles and echo chambers - created by the people we follow, things we like and topics we search for - serve to reinforce our existing world view, while a broken media industry serves us varying degrees of click bait based on what it thinks we want to read.

This easily causes an unnecessary polarization of issues in public discourse. We wanted to solve this problem by providing an easy way to get multiple perspectives/points of view to any given story we might be reading.

What it does

Perspectify gives you multiple points of view to any news article you’re currently reading.

Say you're reading a news story and want to see how the story has been covered elsewhere. Simply click the Perspectify bookmarklet in your browser (or copy paste the story's URL into the search field at and Perspecify will generate a contextual search based on the article you're reading and return related stories with different perspectives on the same topic.

This gives you a birds-eye-view of the news story and instant access to high quality relevant commentary, getting you out of your filter bubble and providing you with, well, perspective.

How I built it

By analyzing the content of the article and identifying the main topics and entities via natural language processing, we generate a contextual search via the Bing Search Api, to generate more sides to the story.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Originally we didn't have much frontend knowhow, luckily Miki stepped in and everyone learned new things.

What's next for Perspectify

Polishing, perhaps additional features (following news stories, etc.).

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