What is the market ? Just in India 77% of the 1.4B population in India uses Ayurvedic products. It’s a $9B industry. Even if 10% of just the Indian Americans in the US use this 50% of the time it would impact $300M food retail per year.

Why is this needed? "One size does not fit all” approach applies to food as well. Ayurveda helps classify your nutrition needs based on your physiological makeup

What it does

Currently it’s an app to choose the right foods for your unique body type and it uses the Ayurvedic principles of dosha or imbalances in the body to identify the optimal foods as a preventive wellness regime.

1) You can enter your dosha/imbalances if already known through evaluation from an Ayurvedic doctor 2) We provide a sample questionnaire ( more work needed with additional data points ) to help identify your doshas

Based on your dosha/imbalances in the body you can search , scan a bar code , click a picture of the food ( fruits , vegetables , grains ,legumes , dairy,animal foods ,beverages,condiments ,prepared and ready meals ) to see if that item is recommended for you or not.

How we built it

We worked with an Ayurvedic physician and used available Ayurvedic text and resources to extract out the raw food ingredients that are good for different body types or dosas. We built a hacky app that can be used to search , scan or click an image of any food items to identify if it is suitable for you

Challenges we ran into

For now we have built a simple demo questionnaire to identify your body type. More work is needed in close collaboration with an Ayurvedic physician to build out a dynamic and in-depth questionnaire with options and infrastructure through the app to contact a physician for further information/ clarifications if necessary.

We will be able to implement only 40% of the intended features due to time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Personalizing nutrition using Ayurveda

  1. We will work with a team of Ayurvedic MD doctors, statistics specialists, computational biologist and ML experts to be able to build a dynamic dosha identification system and use Food AI APIs to quickly and accurately identify foods.

  2. We will onboard qualified Ayurvedic practitioners on to the platform to help further evaluate your dosha imbalances and support customers through diet plans if required. We will further try to incorporate at-home simple pulse acquisitions kits to measure your imbalances accurately anytime in 30 seconds and link the data and recommendations to the app.

3.We will develop features to build customer profiles based on the searches and provide recommendations for foods , food delivery bundle subscriptions to match customer and family profiles after tying up with local grocery stores /restaurants/ cloud kitchens.

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