We saw Comigo, and we thought its cool, so we decided to try to develop something for them.

How it works

using the meta-data we receive from Comigo, we can put HTML and JS games to run on the TV, specifically with a commercial, and make it more personalized and interactive.

Challenges I ran into

using Comigo wasn't easy, we had to change our idea a lot to integrate it with what Comigo was able to give us, and came across some TV regulation problems, in addition no one in the team wrote in java script code before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had some hard times, and thought about quitting, but we didn't give up and kept going, and now we believe we will win. We are a team of students, and none of us has real experience except some projects during our study. so it was really fun and challenging doing something like this.

What I learned

We learned java script,made a product from zero, pivoting during the hackathon, and how to work as a team, combining all the strong part of each team member.

What's next for PersonalizedTVCommercials

develop for the smart TVs, and partnership with advertising agencies.

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