We are on the education track. A few of our team members have been learning virtually prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, this led to conversation about how students new to virtual learning are struggling to switch and stay organized with their assignments and school in general. We thought to create a simplistic planner, which is not intimidating to students new to using planners or schedules on their own.

What it does

P.Y.E. isn't the most special of programs but what it does is create a simplistic planner/to-do list made specifically for students which does not intimidate users, who may be new to organizing and scheduling, like many big calendar applications do.

How we built it

Personalize Your Education, or PYE (pie) for short, is built in a Python and Flask webserver with a SQLite relational database and an interactive and styled user interface.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest and most difficult challenge we encountered was creating a working login authenticator. We also struggled with creating and implementing databases in general.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of getting our login authenticator and database implementations working after spending several hours working on them. We also love our front-end design which too took until the last seconds to "perfect." Most of all we are proud of the entire team working on this and creating this within a day even though we are all mostly new to coding and were learning python flask, sqlite, sqlalchemy, and others as we were going.

What we learned

As stated previously we learned how to create a login authenticator and databases. Also learning how to do python flask, sqlite, sqalchemy, and jinja implementations with little to no prior experience.

What's next for Personalize Your Education P.Y.E.

Next for P.Y.E is to fine tune it, clearing some small errors and bugs on front-end and back-end, adding a remove or completed assignment/class button, adding a pop-up for the information, and making it more user friendly.

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