Moral Machine, MIT's online self-driving car moral choice quiz, inspired us to make our own version to predict one's personality based off presidential data.

What it does

Based on certain data scraped from Wikipedia and other sources about the upcoming election, we chose certain traits randomly to learn about the user's personality. We aggregate the submission data and compare your responses to the average of other test takers, which will tell you at the end which candidate you actually align with based off non-political questions.

How we built it

We wrote a simple but interesting web app using HTML/CSS and Javascript, and hosted it on Heroku.

What we learned

Plenty of interesting facts about our upcoming presidential candidates!

What's next for Personality Quiz

We can use this data to predict how people can influence certain swing states, and were also interested in using Beaker to further provide a cleaner and deeper analysis. Going even further, we could possibly interface this web app with the Muse headband to track brain data for each of the questions and compare between users as well as use machine learning to learn from the aggregated user data and attempt to predict what one would choose for each question.

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