Jobs are a big part of who you are—they lead to a satisfying life, healthy outlook and positive attitude. But recruiter matching tools, keyword-based resumes, skills queries and job applications don't provide an opportunity for people to see what it's truly like to work with you. Your personality can enhance or diminish your capability in a given context—and it’s also a lens that affects how others perceive you and value your actual/potential contributions. If interviewers, managers and co-workers better understood who you are as a person, you would feel a stronger fit in an organization. Likewise, knowing yourself and having the emotional intelligence to understand how you're coming across are key to successful relationship building in an organization.

What it does

We have two views for assessing your personality (1) through your Twitter tweets and (2) through custom content you've uploaded (e.g. cover letter, stories, interview practice answers, emails).

How we built it

We use the APIs to IBM BlueMix and leverage the IBM Personality Insights services. Both versions are done using Node.js.

Challenges we ran into

Our team tried several technologies (Python and Node.js), experimented with multiple versions of pre-existing code and newly developed code, and also demonstrated multiple formats for how to visualize the data on the results screens. We're proud of the challenges we overcame and the teamwork in solving problems together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Super strong teamwork, calmness, collaboration, willingness to help each other, proactive initiative, sense of humor and dedication. (P.S. and a few of us learned a ton about the command line interface, APIs, and Node.js.)

What we learned

We learned how to successfully use the IBM Cloud (Bluemix) Watson services, return the results with scores, and display data using the D3 visualization tool called Collapsible Force Layout.

What's next for Personality Insights for Careers

Expanding to speech to text insights, tone analysis, image analysis and supporting chatbot coaches.

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