Known Issues:

Nowadays there are many safety issues while using ATM, small webcams cam be easily installed in the section above the keypad. Fake keyboards can be easily installed, which will detect your inputs. Anyone standing behind you can easily remember your pin. Sensor keyboard mats can also be easily installed. Not every ATM is a touch screen, so to increase privacy and security.


Our objective is to increase the security of bank ATMs without spending a lot of money on the Architecture of the ATM.


This idea is made to make the Automated teller machine more secure. It's simple nowadays to get your pin. So, here we are with a different idea to let your pin secure. This will increase the security of the ATM. What we will do is that we will introduce new software into the ATM machine that will take the ATM's security to the next level.


Numberless keyboards with colors and patterns so that no-one could see the exact pin. Randomizing keyboard when entering the PIN. A simplified UI for easy understanding and usage.


We will replace number pads with color pads. With each color, a number will be linked. Which will be shuffled while entering the PIN. We will show those colors with it's linked numbers on the ATM screen. Our aim is to update the software & pads in ATMs without spending a lot.

Technologies to be used:

We will use the 'Tkinter' library of Python to build a GUI. We will be implementing different Algorithms to randomize and add different pages.

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