Since 1979, I have been tasked to create the Personas - wrapped representatives from another dimension. These Personas were sculptures intuitively built. As I built them, numbering over 31,000, they built me. Who are they? What is their story and purpose? Over the years I have been wondering these questions and waiting for the opportunity to honestly and fully express their story. The new technologies of the 21st Century have provided the answer. Accessible via computer, mobile apps and AR/VR devices, Personaland is being built to allow the Personas and all who visit their world to interact in positive, magical community environment. Zen Garden one destination in Personaland.

What it does

Zen Garden is where one can enter to find a peaceful, yet magical sanctuary form the daily stress and worry

How we built it

We have used 3D software to build the characters, assets and environment and have activated it using Unity. We have built this game-like activity for non-gamers so we engineered it to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was to build an immersive experience which would be serene but spiced with the magic of the rest of Personaland.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Zen Garden VR has been well received with many early users pleased with the results.

What we learned

We have constantly made subtle, but important improvements to the experience. We have also grown as a more effective, synergetic team.

What's next for Personaland: Zen Garden VR

We are planning to make enhancements to the experience as well as reconfigure the VR for mobile application.

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