Having just a linkedin profile or a static resume wasn't satisfying enough, I wanted to create something more custom and use it as an opportunity to learn the essentials of using git, html5, CSS, Bootstrap, and GCP.

What it does

Hosts my personal website on my domain using the GCP.

How I built it

Started with lots of note taking on HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, as well as basic terminal commands for git. After I got my domain set up and open to the internet, I started on the site design.

Challenges I ran into

Ran into lots of challenges as this was my first exposure to all of this information. One major issue I had was getting permissions to work in GCP and on where I was getting a "403 forbidden result".

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad that I finally understand the fundamentals of front end design, and more importantly how to keep track of my versions. I also have a domain with my name on it open to the www now!

What I learned

HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, git, github, GCP (using buckets for a website)

What's next for Personal Website with Version Control

My next step would be using more of the GCP to create an engine that would sync my github repository with the bucket from which the website is running. This was I can push updates in a much faster timeframe.

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