As a developer I was in very need of a portfolio site so for that this time as part of hackathon I build it.

What it does

This is my personal Website used to showcase my projects blog and information

How we built it

I used all free tool only domain given by GoDaddy and hosted by render a free platform and created on replit pushed on GitHub. Used flask for backend and used html and css as frontend.

Challenges we ran into

As I am a ml related guy so have working with front end was a pain in the ass but resolved by some help with internet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was my first full stack website and first project to showcase my flask skill now can create an api also

What we learned

First I worked on a long project it helped me to learn a project breakdown problem and how to maintain consistency.

What's next for Personal Website

Now will give some finishing touches and will list out my portfolio which will help me to find job and look professional.

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