I tried focusing on the CTF throughout my first every hackathon. However, I wanted to take a chance and try web development. VTHacks 8 seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me to try new things.

What it does

Just my personal, little space on the internet.

How I built it

I used a basic template from the internet and tried to apply what I learned in 10 hours into the hackathon. I used basic HTML, CSS and JS.

Challenges I ran into

Some things were really new for me, actually web development as a whole. GG I think some basic GitHub Pages integrations took some time, but thanks to the awesome mentors I figured out a very silly mistake.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

To be honest, I am proud of the whole project. Never thought I could develop a full-fledged website on my own. Plus, it really looks DOPE!

What I learned

Well, 10 hours into LinkedIn Learning taught me not only how to be patient but also some cool web development skills. :P

What's next for Personal Website

I will try to connect it to a domain (mostly the .tech one provided by MLH) and add some other sections/pages to it.

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