Mexico have everything for everyone

From desert dunes to paradise Beaches or from Magical Towns to Luxury Resorts or modern cities.

The perfect vacation is waiting for you, We only need to know you a little bit, let's chat.

Discover, Schedule and pay the perfect vacation for you.


We ask the correct questions to find out the perfect vacation, or at least the next vacation, we always can find the vacation for your mood.

We use the power of AWS Cloud Services, Lambda and the a memory database for performance.


One challenge is: Plan a trip is hard, how to make it easier and painless?

The real challenge is the fact that we are not the tours provider but we got an affiliation account with the mayor travel agency in Mexico (Bestday), with this alliance we are able to provide real prices and make the reservation.

Another problem to solve is that we need to have cash to make the reservation mainwhile we receive form the In App purchase money.

What I Learm : Jump to real world bussiness

That is a big deal to jump for the Internet to the real world bussiness, if you cross this line you have a lot of chances to make profit.

What's next for Personal Travel Mexico Assistant

The next step is offer is to offer world wide tours for your international trip.

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