Fingerprint scanners are used almost exclusively for one thing only: to differentiate between people. However, this is wasteful, because each person would only use one or two fingerprints while we each have ten distinct prints. Additionally, fingerprints have been used primarily for security, but we want to take it a step further and go outside the realms of user differentiation and security. In order to use Synaptics' fingerprint scanning technology to its full potential, we have developed a web application that allows the utilization of all 10 fingerprints to do 10 different functions.

What it does

Personal Touch allows many functions to be accomplished just by scanning your finger. These functions are essentially shortcuts or macro keys but activated by fingerprints. One function is sending a preset text message to a person of your choice. For example, you may want to set your left index finger to send a text to your mom telling her that you are home. Another function is to load a custom set of commands onto an Amazon Echo so that each person in a household can have different personal commands. Essentially, each person would have their own user profile that holds a certain set of commands. This would be especially useful if you have different ways of saying things or if access needs to be restricted for certain people.

How I built it

This hack was built using the Synaptics Fingerprint Sensor, node.js, html5, css3, aws, twilio, Amazon Echo, jade, mongo, and more.

The Future

Personal Touch can be easily implemented with additional features. We have tackled two functions that are on the difficult side of the spectrum, but simple tasks such as opening certain bookmarks or autofilling passwords.

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