Our story inspiration came from some of the most popular personality/habit tests such as MBTI and Buzzfeed quizzes. However, too often does it feel static without any creative aspects and each answer is too detached from the scenarios that people encounter in reality. We wanted to create a study habit test that still includes questions but also takes you through a story of a day in a life of a UChicago student. Through your decisions, we would give you a result that describes how you best study and your perfect study buddy. What inspired our artistic component was pointillism — a technique where distinct dots of color form the pattern of an image. We wanted the user to have a pleasant experience scrolling through the questions, and we thought the architectural style of UChicago lends itself to this form of artistic interpretation.

What it does

Fill out questions, and get results. Enjoy the original story and music written by members of our team! Here's a Youtube link to our presentation:

How we built it

Using p5.js, we created art forms that mimic pointillism art pieces and integrated them with HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Challenges we ran into

1) learning web development on our own

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) working under a time crunch 2) learning in a fast pace environment 3) understanding p5.js and creating generative art

What's next for Personal Study Habit

We would love to nail down the algorithm for determining the result. This would include people that are more familiar with the psychological side of things. More on the technical side, we would like to host it on a website as well as integrate it with more powerful front-end frameworks such as react.

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