I want to eventually make myself a resume' app that includes an RSS from all my social media accounts at once, my LinkedIn, work experience, as well as a built in portfolio, and a list of awards.

What it does

The purpose of this app is mainly an organizational tool, if you have too many links and can help organize everything for fans, employers, or personal clients who see your app. The actual built app should include RSS from your YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, Blogger, Facebook and other social media accounts. The concept is also supposed to integrate it all in one setting and in the future it should add Facebook groups, and multiple FB pages or can sync multiple Tweets, etc.

How I built it

Right now this is just a mobile menu UI/simple wireframe due to how Marvel's mockup tool works. I plan on having a Web UI built as well and may code a working prototype in my free time.

Challenges I ran into

Marvel was a bit hard to use at first, could be though since I didn't have accept to the premium tool. It can have more advanced UI layouts as well but it still makes for one of the most advanced live UI tools I seen.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to share a concept I believed in and wanted to do for a while

What I learned

I learned how to use a new tool to visualize a simple app concept or user menu

What's next for Personal Resume/Portfolio App UI

Built With

  • marvelapp
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