in Pandemic situations, the panic is dominant. Data drivin decisions and coordinated community activities are what can help to over come the pandemic with the minimum level of losses. Personal pandamic Radar (PPR) is hive where people can rgister them selves, by entering thier Cell numbers, nick name, age, gender, address, personal pandemic status at the time of registration, work place (company name) and any other membership they might have (coffee shop, library, gyme..etc). the pandemic status is a drop down menue that have the following options: a- clean. b-suspecus. c-infected. d-recovered.

when people register in the app, they understand they will share thier status with others without disclsing thier actual names, or any other personal infomation in return they will get the same information of other members. members accept that official medical laps can change their status from clean to infected or from infected to recovered. as they acknowldge thier commitment to do it themselves if they found out that they are infected. the system will orgnize the information of memebers in relation to thier live geo-locations, the system will give each individual users a map view of their current location and number of registred memebers with their current status (users CAN NOT IDENTFY OTHER PEOPLE). if another member of my workplace, community or club is enfected and the system suspec that i have been in contact with, my status will be automaticly changed to suspecious, I need medical test to roll it back. people can search pandamic map of places they are willing to visit before they go. they can check the status health of thier niebourhood or work place as well. like traffic systems, they intend to do everything in their power to give user a correct or close picutre, but users need to adher to goverment regulations and poli

I built a team that contain the required experties, we worked together on system analysis and started on producing the MVP. Next in our plan is to finish the MVP and test it on our first users. our team is very dynamic and well known in achieving before scheduals.

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