Solving the needs for refugees and migrants, 91% from Middle East and Africa are illiterate in English when they arrive.

Inspired by the Universal translator in Star Trek

Named after Hoshi Sato, who is the fictional character who developed it.

What it does

1) Instantly translates documents by taking photos

2) Use the mic and translate conversations in real-time - and get recommended responses

Try it: (Demo currently only works in Chrome for PC and Android Devices)

How I built it

google translate api, webrtc, jquery mobile, canvas, ocr

Challenges I ran into

OCR recognition of documents - needs backend ocr to optimise image and translate full pages accurately. Currently only works by highlighting text

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Functional proof of concept in less than 48 hrs

What's next for Personal Interpreter for instant translations

  • Native app
  • Improved OCR
  • Suggested responses with option for text to speech in conversation mode

Working proof of concept

Demo currently only works in Chrome for PC and Android Devices

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