What inspired me to do this project is because of money and finance. I love earning money and planning out what to do with the money for my personal finance, so I created this project for personal finance purposes to track how much money I have.

What this project does is it has 3 sections, the 1st section is a tax and expenses calculator, which calculates how much you have to pay in tax, how much total expenses you have to pay, and how much you have left. Then, the 2nd section is a budget calculator, which calculates the total budget and how much you have left. Lastly, the 3rd section is investment and savings, which estimates the end balance after the investment and how much you have left. You can also choose options on the right side of the calculator.

How I built this project was with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The HTML was used to list out everything that is needed in each section of the calculator. The CSS was used to style the HTML tags to make them look nicer and better. The JavaScript was used to code the functionality of the calculator and display the graphs.

The challenges that I faced were the styling, formatting, and coding of the functionality of the calculator because the styling and formatting of the HTML tags were tricky, considering that the tags can be placed somewhere that I don't want them to be. Then for JavaScript, it was tricky for me to code the functionality of the calculator because I had to confront many errors and bugs, which took a long time to fix the errors and debug.

The accomplishments that I'm proud of are being able to make the calculator look very nice and being able to code the functionality of the calculator.

What I learned from that project is combining the skills of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make a good project.

What is next for my project is to add more options for the calculator.

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