By focusing on how to enhance Guest experience ,we have come with an idea Which will enhance Guest experience with help of AR , Using AR we will build an Virtual Attendant which every will get and if they need any guide it will help them. Some of the Benefits which Guest will get with fun are:

  • If guest have to visit some places of hotel then our Virtual attendant will help them navigate to all over the Hotel.
  • It will help them to locate Appliances such as Hair dryer, etc., So that they don’t have to bother about anything.
  • It will do other works as well such as Ordering food , Requesting Room clean, Managing Room (Light , Room Temperature). We will Include Chat bot will be connected to Application which will enhance Quality of Guest experience.

What it does

A hotels consumer ratings & reviews will always reflect guest experience,for better or for worse .The benefits AI & chatbots are as follows: Room service- chatbot can virtually take the in-room orders of guests.chatbots can be programmed to ask a variety of detailed questions to ensure guests what they need & can schedule delivery. Guest check in & check out-one of most useful application of a chatbot is as a virtual booking agent.chatbots can send reminders to guest regarding details of their stay such as check in & check out time etc.. Remote Access to Guest : Room appliances such as Room temperature and food ordering before arriving to hotel and get delivered when guest reaches to hotel.

How we built it

We have used Below mentioned technologies in building this application

  • Android Application (Android Studio , Java).
  • Augmented reality(AWS Sumerian)
  • AWS(S3[Data lake storage],Serverless Computing)
  • Chatbot AWS lex

What we learned

We have worked on many technologies and learned new technology

What's next for Personal Attendant

We will involve more technology with the help of customer feedback .

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